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Ps3 Racing Seats


Ps3 Racing Seats

ps3 racing seats

ps3 racing seats – Playseat Evolution

Playseat Evolution Gaming Seat (Black Alcantara)
Playseat Evolution Gaming Seat (Black Alcantara)
The Playseat Alcantara Evolution provides dynamic gaming and racing capability with ultimate comfort and style to boot! Reinforced steel tube framework eliminates excess wobble and allows for easy slide of the framework for adjustment. Fully compatible with most steering wheel/pedal sets currently on the market, including key next-gen sets such as Logitech’s G25 or G27 & Xbox360’s Wireless Wheel set. Adjusts at three points to accommodate gamers of a wide range of heights and sizes. The seat is featured in a high quality ultra-suede / alcantara material for longer wear and tear. Compatible with Playstation2, Playstation3, Xbox, Xbox 360, Wii, and all computer game platforms. Also compatible with most console and PC steering wheel and pedal sets on the market. The seat features a patented foldable racing seat with fully adjustable silver or black-coated steel framework. The seat is upholstered with high quality Alcantara material, which has an appearance and tactile feel of the material that is similar to that of suede. The seat also features Black patches, black grommets and full double white stitching and Playseat logo in headrest and on side panels. Specifications features assembled measurement of (LxWxH) 130x50x98 cm/ 51x20x39 inches and net weight of 19.8 kg/ 43.65 lbs. Recommend for ages 14+.

Day 83 – Burnout (series)

Day 83 - Burnout (series)
Along with Grand Theft Auto III, I had asked for Burnout as my other game to compliment the birth of my PS2 collection back when I first went from the N64/ PS1 days into the new era.

Whilst GTA III was a masterpiece that I’ve already covered in an early daily update… don’t think for a second that Burnout took a back seat in terms of really making me hype as a Playstation 2 owner. I had taken great fondness to things like the Gran Turismo series and a few other racing games that tried to simulate the reality of the sport, but arcade racers were, and still are, my favourite kind of racing game.

Burnout made a massive impact when it first hit the scene, blending fast paced road racing with a great attention to detail when it came to crashes. The only downside of the first game though was that although the crashes looked good, you would want to avoid them if you intended on actually winning the races. Although having replayed the first game a bit in order to reignite old memories, I have to admit that the game is pretty hard in it’s balance of risk/ reward.

Building up a “Burnout” in the original game is a LOT rarer an occurrence as it is in the sequels since, and thus in your quest to build a “burnout” up and potentially utilise it’s boost would be a short and sweet measure (although very rewarding when you’d glide through traffic at break neck speeds narrowly missing out on some serious crash opportunities).

I’ve never been disappointed with any of the console made Burnout games so far. I especially loved “Burnout 2” on the Game Cube, and thoroughly enjoyed the crash mode additions, improved AI, and new ways of playing that only went on to increase the intensity and fun.

Burnout once again got to be my first taste of a new generation of consoles when I finally got Burnout Paradise with my XBOX 360 (I was late joining the “HD generation” of consoles).

Visually Burnout Paradise blew me away! It took me a while to get used to the open world map, as I was more than happy with preset tracks and circuits, but the vast level of exploration, fun distractions, and events available in “Paradise City”, paired with a great online experience, and some cool DLC, did all they needed to set me up for the most rewarding, as well as one of my most “total time played” games out of the entirety of my XBOX 360 games played list. It’s a shame the DLC roll out that was planned for Burnout Paradise got cut short, but still…that’s not stopped me having re-purchased Burnout Paradise on both PS3 and PC (both in sales) simply because I can’t get enough.

Criterion Games (creators of Burnout) did a fine job with the reboot of “Need for Speed Hot Pursuit” in 2010, but still…I’m much more hyped up for the day the next Burnout instalment drops 🙂

IMG 0734ps

IMG 0734ps
Playseat for Gran Turismo 5 racing. Hand made for my PS3 console and heaps of fun for all that driving at home. Timber frame is of Tassie Oak and MDF board. I use a Logitech Driving Force GT wheel and pedals. Real leather seat is from an old Subaru Liberty. Seat tilts and slides back and forward as normal. Mirrors are essential for keeping track of regular snacks and drinks etc 🙂

ps3 racing seats

Playseat Limited Edition Forza Motorsport 3 Evolution Racing Seat
Introducing the Limited Edition Forza 3 Evolution Racing Seat. This evolution is outfitted with an extra strong, lightweight, black powder coated tubular steel frame with high-tension spring, and wire system for the ultimate racing experience. The new limited edition evolution is fully upholstered in Black synthetic leather and red stitching with the official Forza Motorsport 3 branding and insignia. The licensed Forza 3 seat also includes the X-Box 360 Wireless Wheel Adapter Kit (a $29.99 retail value). Its removable base cushions and patented folding system makes it great for easy and fast storage. The seat chassis and pedal support framework also applies the extra strong, lightweight, powder coated steel chassis with special oval steel tubing to the pedal support plate and is adjustable for multi point tuning of the gas and brake pedal set as well as the steering wheel support. Consisting of several reinforcements and modifications not found on the Classic Playseats version, this chair provides ultimate comfort with style to boot! Particulars include a reinforced steel tube frame to eliminate excess wobble, also allowing for easier adjustment, and a more durable synthetic leather fabric for longer wear and tear use. Fully adjustable at three points to accommodate gamers of all heights and sizes. Easily collapses and breaks down for easy storage when not in use. Recommended for ages 8+ / 300 lbs or less. X-Box 360 Wireless Wheel Adapter Kit: For use with the Evolution Playseat only. Provides solid attachment and security of your Xbox360 Wireless Wheel to the Playseat wheel platform.

Get serious when playing Forza Motorsport 3 with the limited-edition Forza 3 Evolution racing seat. Fully upholstered in black synthetic leather and red stitching–with the official Forza Motorsport 3 logo and insignia on the chair’s front and back–the Forza 3 Evolution puts you smack dab in the middle of the track.

The Forza 3 Evolution Racing Seat features Forza Motorsport 3 graphics. A patented folding system allows for easy storage.
The seat is outfitted with an extra-strong, black, powder-coated tubular steel frame and a special pedal support plate with a high-tension spring and wire system. As a result, the seat feels stable and authentic, as though you’re driving a genuine racecar. The pedal plate also supports multi-point tuning for the gas and brake pedals and the steering wheel support, so you can fine-tune the action to your liking. And racers will love the removable seat cushions and patented folding system, which make it easy to store the seat out of the way when you’re done playing. Best of all, it’s a breeze to get started on the Forza 3 Evolution: just install a gaming steering wheel and gas and brake pedals (sold separately) and you’re ready to go.
The seat comes with an Xbox 360 Wireless Wheel adapter kit, which connects the Xbox 360 Wireless Wheel to the steering wheel support. Note that the Forza 3 Evolution is also compatible with other racing peripherals, games, and console types, including the PlayStation3 and Wii. The seat–which is appropriate for ages 8 and older–measures 19.7 by 52.1 by 38.6 inches (W x H x D) and offers a capacity of 300 pounds.
Key Details:
For ages 8+
Measures 19.7 by 52.1 by 38.6 inches (W x H x D)
300-pound weight capacity
Black synthetic leather and red stitching
Powder-coated tubular steel frame
Pedal support plate with a high-tension spring
Removable seat cushions
Patented folding system
What’s in the Box?
Forza 3 Evolution Racing Seat, Xbox 360 Wireless Wheel adapter kit